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Who We Are and What We Do
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Companies need people in order to stay in business. And they invest lots of time and money to recruit and retain good people.

MDR’s premise is simple. We utilize our resources to get medically-absent employees back to work. As soon as possible. And we ensure that when they go back, they are able to stay on the job. We consistently accomplish this, always respecting the employee as well as the employer. Our strategy works.

We also use these same resources to explore how to allow currently-working employees with medically-challenging problems to remain on the job, albeit usually in a modified manner. We succeed in this as well.

Either way, it adds up to MDR providing employers, when and only when they need us, with the expertise they need at that moment to preserve their investment in people.

MDR is an independent entity. We are privately held and have no affiliations or obligations to or with any other organization. The MDR team is committed to delivering only the finest service available in the marketplace, with resources arguably second to none.