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“I am very impressed by how professionally and promptly you guys at MDR got E.M. back to work. We needed her back, but had no idea how or when we should get involved. You and your doctors turned a potentially difficult situation into a real win-win. Thanks so much.”

Ms. R. L. (Manager, R & D), A-P Canada, Oakville, ON

"Your team consistently makes me look good. I don’t have anything to do other than let you know when someone is off. You take care of the rest. And nobody is complaining to me about disability benefits anymore.”

Mr. M. H. (Benefits Manager), H Industries, Stratford, ON

"Your medical consultant called me today about [my patient]. He was polite, professional, knew exactly what he wanted and didn't waste alot of my time. I was happy to work with him. Why can't more [providers] do this?"

Dr. L. J., M.D. - Family Doctor - Halifax, NS

“This is a real good service you have. I’m glad my employer brought you folks on board. Nobody I know has ever been treated this well.”

Ms. E. R. (Claimant), Fogo Island, NL

“The telephone interviews that are conducted are done in a respectful, non-challenging, non-combative manner. MDR’s seasoned professionals know how to obtain the right information and the most complete picture of all the contributing factors.”

Mr. D. S. (Benefits Consultant), Toronto, ON

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