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Protection of Information Policy
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At Managed Disability Resources Inc., the exchange of information is essential to our ability to respond to our clients' disability management needs. We are committed to ensuring that all information we obtain is managed and maintained in the strictest confidence. The following are the principles we have developed and to which we strictly adhere:

  • We collect and share only that information which is absolutely necessary for us to carry out our responsibilities as disability management consultants;

  • We obtain information from all sources by legal means;

  • We ensure, to the best of our ability, that the information in our possession is accurate and up to date;

  • We safeguard all information in our possession against theft or unauthorized access and in strictest confidence, regardless of the format in which we receive it;

  • We retain information only for the length of time needed to fulfill the disability management purpose for which the information was obtained;

  • We require that any third party with whom we may share information on an as needed basis, must adhere to the required level of information protection;

  • We limit access to information within our organization to only those Principals and Associates who need to access the information in order to carry out our business. All Principals and Associates of Managed Disability Resources Inc. are bound by these principles;

  • We comply with all applicable federal and provincial laws regarding protection of information, including the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).


For further information about the Managed Disability Resources Inc. Protection of Information Policy and principles please contact Keith McKenzie, Director of Corporate Compliance, Policy & Protocol at