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Case Summaries - Case # 3
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The following summaries are true cases. They represent what our clients routinely receive from MDR.

Case # 3 - Received Feb 15

Highlights: 29 year old male – Windsor - youth counsellor – depression/anxiety

MDR Response: Team telephone collaboration (including designated MDR Medical Consultant) after assigned MDR Disability Specialist has conducted initial claimant telephone interview - Feb 16

Recommendation by Disability Specialist to client for immediate doctor-to-doctor telephone interview – Feb 16

Client approval granted - Feb 17

Medical Consultant conducts doctor-to-doctor telephone interview - determines that absence is due to work conflict – no finite diagnosis found – attending physician admits that he granted leave because his patient asked for it – Feb 18

Disability Specialist formally recommends denial of claim to client – Feb 18

Benefits to Client: Client promptly has solid basis –medically supported – to deny STD claim and provide claimant with options for continued employment. MDR’s exclusive Doctor-to-Doctor Dialogue protocol a significant factor in outcome or duration of absence.



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