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Case Summaries - Case # 2
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The following summaries are true cases. They represent what our clients routinely receive from MDR.

Case # 2 - Received Apr 11

Highlights: 56 year old male – janitorial duties – Winnipeg - soft tissue injuries – graduated return to work set for June 30 - Advisory Note on Supplementary Claim Forms – Return to work to be delayed additional 4 weeks - June 6

MDR Response: Team telephone collaboration (including designated MDR Medical Consultant) – June 7

Assigned MDR Disability Specialist explores reason for projected delay in return to work – June 7

Disability Specialist determines delay is due to need for additional therapy - June 8

After collaborating with client, Disability Specialist facilitates revised therapy schedule with claimant and provider, subject to attending physician approval, which won’t conflict with originally planned graduated return to work schedule - June 10

Revised therapy plan agreed to – June 12

Benefits to Client: With creative advance planning, using MDR’s unique Timely Outcome Assurance, graduated return to work is not delayed, client does not have to re-arrange other work schedules, final closure is on track.



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