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Case Summaries - Case # 1
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The following summaries are true cases. They represent what our clients routinely receive from MDR.

Case # 1 - Received Aug 19

Highlights: 38 year old francophone female – Montreal - services coordinator - depression - Advisory Note on Initial Claim Forms – Attending physician will be away for two weeks starting morning Aug 21

MDR Response: Team telephone collaboration (including designated MDR Medical Consultant) – Aug 19

Medical Consultant conducts doctor-to-doctor telephone interview – Aug 20

Assigned MDR Disability Specialist conducts claimant telephone interview – Aug 20

Absence is supported – remedial medical treatment plan established during attending physician’s absence – preliminary prognosis determined – full assessment and future recommended action (with costs) outlined in report to client – Aug 20

Benefits to Client: Absence promptly validated. Medically supported absence duration reasonably forecast. Client proceeds without delay to redistribute claimant’s work for duration of absence.



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